The HANDBOOK OF BIOLOGY has is now available in the markets and BIOLOGY @ YOUR FINGERTIPS would be released in October.

This book can be considered as a last ditch stand for all the students preparing for PMTs, who cannot afford to give themselves a second chance and another year of tiring studies. This 126 page-hand cum pocket book gives you an overview of the complete biology syllabus so it is easier for the students to revise at the last moment.The  book would be extremely helpful in last minute revision.




1. This book contains the ‘must know‘ facts, which are frequently asked in medical entrance tests in concise notes wise format suitable for last minute revision.
2.This book is an ideal companion to the standard textbooks written on the subject.
3.The information is densely packed and can be read in the shortest possible time.
4.Mnemonics have been included to make difficult topics easier to memorize.
5.The content in the book has 100 % strike rate in any medical entrance test.
6.The book is an overview of the entire biology syllabus for PMT covering all the topics, but only the necessary information is included.
7. Simple language and student-friendly presentation.
8. It would help the student to review the complete biology syllabus with few days remaining before examinations, with a guarantee of at least 60 % of the questions in AIPMT and AIIMS (and even more in the state level PMTs) from the book.

For bulk orders and inquiry about bookstores contact :

Galgotia Publications

Phone no. : 09718732278 (Call the publishers in case the book is not available in your city).


BIOLOGY @ YOUR FINGERTIPS – A Complete guide for the medical entrance examinations

This book covers every topic in biology that is asked in various PMTs. It serves as a manual for medical entrance examinations giving you an overview of the complete biology syllabus.

This book is based on my notes which I had prepared myself while preparing for PMTs. You need not study from any other material of any coaching institute to supplement this book. I expect atleast 90-95% questions in biology in the PMTs from this book.

I have written this book with a view to prevent students from being misguided by surplus, irrelevant information provided by books currently available in the market or by various PMT coaching institutions.




Salient Features :

1. This book contains all very important and frequently asked questions from biology in factual form derived from the previous years’ question papers of all medical entrance


2. A collection of 100+ mnemonics; some of which have been collected from the study materials

of various PMT coaching centres and the internet while the majority of them have been prepared by author himself. Such a collection is not to be found elsewhere.

3. It also contains tips for solving questions, FAQs regarding preparation methods, study techniques, suggestions and advice regarding the entire preparation as well as last minute


4. Flow charts, tables, cycles have been incorporated in a notes wise format for better comprehension and easy learning.

5. Well labelled diagrams (NCERT based) for AIIMS, CBSE-Mains, Karnataka CET, and Manipal etc. have been included.

6. All the important terms and facts have been highlighted by using italics or bold fonts and the lesser important ones have been written in smaller fonts while the necessary superfluous

information has been omitted.

7. Also covers additional topics asked in different state-level examinations.

8. At least 90-95% questions in biology in PMTs are expected from this book.

9. Even a below average student can crack the exam after reading this book.

10. This book also covers additional topics asked in different state-level examinations.

11. Questions from the current editions of NCERT biology are asked in various exams including AIIMS, AIPMT, DPMT; while AMU and DPMT draw questions even from very old editions of NCERT biology; keeping this in mind, I have compiled chapter-wise points from three editions of NCERT biology (1999, 2006, 2008).

12. Atleast 90-95% questions in biology in the PMTs are expected to come from this book.


120 Responses to BOOKS BY RAHUL CHAWLA

  1. Sathi Biswas says:

    Please! Sir
    Release your Physics & Chemistry book soon.
    Your biology handbook is very helpful.
    Thank you so much!!
    Please take my prostration on your feet!!

  2. joseph says: when will your two valuable book chemistry and physics will be released?

  3. Arpan Mishra says: i want to pass in +1 and +2 with good marks without studying a large chm phys syllabus which book will you prefer?

  4. Vansh says:

    Sir 12 k exam aa re h puri preparetion kaise karo samj ni aa r h 90 above score krna chata ho kya karoo plzzzz HELP

  5. Vansh says:

    Sir g ye batao ki 12 me bs 1 and half mnth h ye bata do ki kyaa karooo 90% tk banani h puri mehnat krnga plzzzzz HELP

  6. srikrishna karak says:

    Sir plz release your two valuable book chemistry and physic


    if your physics and chem bks r still under preparation then plzzzz send those material in my email acc plzzz my exam is just after doorstep.

  8. Shring Sandilya says:

    sir if i am willing that to practice as a doctor i abroad…….can it will be helpful to study mbbs in abroad????

  9. Sanjana Singh says:

    THANKING YOU for the biology @ fingertips.

  10. Ramij says:

    Sir if I read only your book…are the others books important??like NCERT , objective books ,text book ..etc..

  11. Kift says:

    Are ncert books required If your handbook and objective biology @ your fingertips are already ncert based ?

  12. manoj karnani says:

    sir .. mujhe ncert bio samaj nhh ati but I can understand your book so agar main sirf apki book par jao ncert nhh to kitna questions Best 2017 main hojyga

  13. Daisy says:

    Sir plz release ur phy and chem book before neet 2017

  14. Abhishek Kalra says:

    Can I attempt the AIPMT while already studying in a medical/dental college?

  15. Harpreet singh says:

    Sir I follow which for chemistry and physics fot neet 2017
    Sir I correct the 80 or above question after reading your book biology at fingerprints but Sir my problem is chemistry and physics.Sir please guide me.Thanku sir

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      Solve past mcqs from aiims, bhu and aipmt previous papers or get individual objective books. Refer to one standard text book – comprehensive physics and pradeep Chemistry or whichever suits you. Rest, read my advise in previous posts and reply to previous queries.

  16. washid ali khan says:

    Rahul sir please Relese Ur Phy And Che Book befor The Neet 2

  17. purva says:

    Sir, will it work if I start reading your book biology @ your fingertips now for NEET 2 ?

  18. Ankush says:

    Sir…when is chemistry and physics at your finger tips going to be released

  19. Manika says:

    Sir your biology @ fingertips is amazing it covers every topic so well….its too good . Sir when will u release chem and physics book i m really in need for it

  20. nilaykk says:

    I cannot buy bio@fingertips ..from where can i buy it??

  21. M K Jabbar says:

    INeed this bookfingertip biology for medical entrance

  22. saurabh singh tomar says:

    sir plesèeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    release the phy and che. @your fingertips

    pleßsssssssssssssssss sir

  23. i wanted to become like u bhaiya plz give me some guidelines

  24. Rajesh kumar says:

    sir, when is chemistry@your fingertips going to be released ?

    • Deepak Dwivedi says:

      It’s still not ready yet. Might take a long time. Any news about releasing both physics and chemistry @ fingertips will surely be intimated to you.

  25. Dr.shweta says:

    hello Dr.rahul if u r ready with d material of physics and chemistry dn let me knw..i vl help u out to make it publish..ur bio book is too gud..go for physics and chem….u can mail me if u r ready with d material.

  26. hello bahiya ,
    aapki chemistry@ you fingertip kab tak aayegi? i am totally weighting for it
    and i have completed biology@your fingertip .it is wonderfull . i dont have words to define it amaazingg. chemistry 2014 december tak aa jaaegi kiya?

  27. Deepak sharma says:

    Your both books r awesome. I scored 175/ chem. 340/360 in bio. 63/180 in phy. In allens recent test. A large no of of concepts were frm ..biology at ur fingertips.. I need ur help in physics. Tell me how to improve my physics.this my second yr. Plz. Help me in making my parents proud by getting selection..

  28. kiran bachani says:

    i study , but due to time shortage in any test i panic a lot and so cant answer easy quesyions also.what should i do

    • shushant shandilya says:

      carry a watch with you, allot time for each part, divide the paper into 3 types of questions as u proceed solving it, tick the questions u solved and encircle the one which u don’t know exact or confused or it needs a lot of calculation, u will solve them at last and leave the question about which u don’t have any idea! i.e. 60 minutes for bio, start with botany and then zoology. then start chemistry and give 45 minutes, then go for physics and give 45 minutes. now you are left with 30 minutes. in these 30 minutes you will solve the questions about which u have a little idea.

  29. kiranbachani says:

    i study sufficiently but whenever i go to give any test the time shortage makes me panic & i cant do easy questions also because of this

  30. Dipankar says:

    Sir i got 16075 rank in neet n 1054 in cmc ludhiana n 3291 in ipu ( i m non delhi candate) n 64 wait list in kle n i hav no hope in up cpmt n i have done coachin in 11 th in allen n 12 th in cp so sir shoul i drop this yr or if ( hope) i get kle i shud join this is my 1 st attempt n if i drop wat shud i do

    • Deepak Dwivedi says:

      KLE is worth joining, if your ready to afford their fees.
      If incase you plan to drop, then read the articles posted by Rahul Sir.

  31. Khushboo Patel says:

    Bhaiya your book is really amazing its helping me a lot hope this time I crack AIPMT with good score …
    Waiting for physics n chemistry now
    I will recommend ur books to all my juniors sure… its best book.. for Entrance exmas …

  32. Siddharth says:

    Sir, I just bought your handbook for biology. In it you have written that it is necessary to read ncert biology 1999 edition . From where can I get this book in Delhi ?

  33. pia says:

    Hello bhaiya!…just bought your biology @ fingertips and handbook of biology….they r amazing!….concept based,precise,to the point,… only few months r left fr PMT 2014….i need to know wen u r releasing ur chem n phy @ ur fingrtips……plz plz release it soon..

  34. suraj says:

    I have bought biology @ fingertips so

    Is there any need to buy handbook of biology……

  35. suraj says:

    For getting seat through aipmt….general category

    Minimum score and rank???

  36. shuvo says:


  37. Aarush sharma says:

    Hello bhaiya!…just bought your biology @ fingertips and handbook of biology….they r amazing!….concept based,precise,to the point,… only few months r left fr PMT 2014….i need to know wen u r releasing ur chem n phy @ ur fingrtips……plz plz release it soon..

  38. Shivam D S says:

    SIr, When is your chemistry and physics at fingertips going to release ? I liked your biology very very much and is eagerly waiting for chem and phy ………..

    • SB Navajeevan Reddy says:

      SIr, When is your chemistry and physics at fingertips going to release ? I liked your biology very very much and is eagerly waiting for chemistry and physics. kindly reply

  39. Pranjal says:

    Sir i m very thankful to reading your book i got 453 rank in mppmt 2013….but my plan changed nd i had taken a drop….
    The biology at your finger tips had a new edition…so is it worth buying it although i have it….is the new and old are same..??
    Plz tell me

  40. Sudipta Saha says:

    sir, i am not getting handbook of biology and biology @your fingertips in… from where would i get your books?? i need them as i am going to sit for neet 2014… sir please help me in this case….

  41. vaishali says:

    rahul sir…m realy in stress hw 2 crack d medical examz…especialy aiims so plz sugest me hw 2 study in 1month cz after my boards m having only 1month 2 study…n sugest me d books 4 all 3 phy,chem n bio…2 learn all d topics easily n fastly…n sir m really sry..i hvnt heard about ur books wich u hv published…iz ur books are really gd 2 catch me everything easily..??? n ur 2 books of biology are sufficient 4 preparing bio????

  42. Olivia Almeida says:

    When will your ‘chemistry @ your fingertips’ and ‘physics @ your fingertips’ be released?

  43. abc says:

    for ur handbook of biology ,buy now option is not there and its written der dat ithis item is out of print so howt to get dis book??
    is any store der in chandigarh selling ur buks?

  44. anish says:

    sir, when is chemistry@your fingertips going to be released ?

  45. Shivam D S says:

    Sir , as you mentioned earlier that physics@yourfingertips will be released soon , so , can you please tell whether it has been released or when are you releasing it ?

  46. Sajal varshney says:

    Sir your book is noe out of stock from flipkart iwant to buy biology@your fingertips.plzz help me iwant it because i have heard about it a lot and being a student of class 11th i wish reading it from now only.

  47. Gursimran says:

    Hey dude wen u r going 2 publish ur fingertip buks of physics nd chem.

    • anshikagupta says:

      Dude,Rahul chawla wont xerox the copies for you.

      Its the publishers who are delaying the whole process.These books will come around FEB.

  48. shivani says:

    sir im in class 12 i have to appear for entrance exam next year n my 11th class concepts are not clear in physics n chemistry i mean im not prepared for upto entrance level instead of joining institute plz suggest some way to prepare for entrance exam

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      3. For chemistry, read NCERT plus Pradeep…now here you will have to be only the important things.
      4. For Physics just read Comprehensive..don’t go in only the basics…cram all the formulas and see and in fact learn all the solved examples. I mean memorize and understand how to attempt a question of a particular type. learning formulas are very important.
      5. Solve all BHU, AIPMT, AIIMS and your state pmt past papers. while solving, you will come to know which kind of questions are asked, how to approach the question and what are the important topics. read the solutions given at the back.also simultaneously learn the answrs in case of biology.
      5. Get my book Biology@ Your will not need to study anything else except the NCERTs..even all the important points of the NCERT are covered in my book plus a lot of mnemonics and flowcharts. You can even leave solved papers if you don’t have time because I have covered most of the questions ever asked in the text form.
      6. Start with class 11th syllabus and finish it in 2 months. from June start studying 12th. It would automatically prepare yourself for the entrances. after the exams, start revising what all you have read.
      please read my article

      7. keep following the website and also read the doubts of other students as well.
      8. lay special emphasis on NCERT, past papers and my books in biology; and avoid reading multiple books for the same subjects.
      9. and also tell your friends about my book and the website.
      you can order my book handbook of biology at…pay at the time of is the link..

      to buy Biology @ Your Fingertips, click here

  49. Ahmad says:

    Good Evening Brother!
    Hope you are doing great in your academics?
    I salute you for the initiative you have taken to help medical aspirants clear their doubts.

    Well, i will be appearing for AMU PMT this year (being its internal for the final time) and did purchase your Handbook Of Biology (its damn good and each and every point is worth it) and apart from myself i have purchased for 5 other friends as well. As you may be knowing that in biology here 65% questions on an average are being put up straight from the texts of NCERT (though in botany more than 45/50 are being so) may i know if considering such trend shall i be able to get 80+ by just having command simply in NCERT of Biology including your Handbook, what say??
    Another query is that should i appear for IPU CET too (as i have PH quota) other than AMU, CPMT, AIPMT? And whats their general trend? Thanks,
    God Bless!

  50. aashima malhotra says:

    sir your book biology @ your fingertips is available or not??

  51. abhishek says:

    Sir what is the difference between both the buks written by you

  52. abhishek says:

    How i get biology@your fingertips
    It has been released or not?

  53. Puja says:

    How i get biology@your fingertips

  54. sir is your book biology @ your fingertip availaible at your finger tip
    if no suggest me from wher can i get

  55. Kumar Abhinav says:

    Sir,this is not fair,I bought your hand book of biology.I eagerly waited for biology @your finger tips.and now it’s coming in october ..I have to appear in 2013 medical entrances.please guide me..

  56. Aastha says:

    Is there any book which has last minute revision material for physics and chemistry like your biology book???plz rply…

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      I don’t know..many students are asking me the same question. I’v decided to work on it..will start writing the book after my exams are over. Let’s see if I am able to write it and the book gets published before your exams.


    • Rahul Chawla says:

      BIOLOGY AT UR FINGERTIPS will be available in the markets from october; currently handbook of biology is available in the market. you can get this book at Galgotias book store in connaught place ( 17b, Inner Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001)

  58. rits says:

    please tell about physics and chemistry books also….did state exams will be there in 2012???please reply

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      I don’t think cet can start from this year and so all the exams will be there as need to worry.
      Prescribed textbook combination

      Biology – any textbook ( Trueman) /notes of your coaching institute + NCERT + both of my books (Handbook and Biology @ your fingertips) + Dinesh objective
      Till now I have written just two books and I am also working on the text book and an objective book for biology. But this would take time. So, you should buy above books. I also referred to the same books.

      Note : this is the ideal combination, which I have prescribed, so if at any stage you are running out of time, you can only rely on my books along with NCERT
      Physics – comprehensive textbook by laxmi publications / pradeep textbook / teacher’s notes + A.K Aggarwal objective book or any other book which your teacher has specified.
      Chemistry – Pradeep textbook and P.Bahadur for objective + NCERT

      P.S. – If you have studied any other book instead of what I have mentioned then go ahead with it, no need to waste time studying from a new book.


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