One day Before JEE or NEET : How to study? What to do and what not to!

One day before Examination, follow the follow do’s and don’ts:

• Just Read the highlighted points from your notes or whatever study material. If you have revision notes for last moment revision, that will thr best thing. Try not to read any topic in depth.

• Don’t study anything new.

• Don’t listen to people around. Try not to talk to your friend about his or her preparation.

• Do not day dream about what you will be doing post exam. Do not overthink about your preparation. Don’t indulge in “what if I had not wasted my time in xyz stuff..what if I had followed ABCs advise”. Just give your hyperactive mind a tight slap. Don’t overthink.

• Eat light and healthy. If it is summer time, drink lots of fresh juices. Keep yourself hydrated. Don’t eat any stuff from roadside eatery.

• There are always few creatures who have a habit of spreading negativity around, taunting others and demoralising them. Please stay away from such jerks, be it your friend or relatives. Also talk to your parents and tell them very frankly before hand – not to over expect and not to over instruct. Most Indian parents do not realise how much pressure they are putting on their kids and that may reflect in your performance. So be smart and avoid any negativity.

• Have a good sleep before exams. At no cost, take the risk of keeping awake a night before competitive exams. University and college exams are exceptions though 😀

And while you enter the examination hall, just be relax. Chill. Be calm. Try not to get anxious or nervous.


About Rahul Chawla

Doctor (MBBS, M.D). Budding Neurologist pursuing DM Neurology, AIIMS New Delhi. Author of Handbook of Biology and Biology @ your fingertips. Writer of Hazaaron Khwaahishein (hindi novel). Website: Personal Blog:
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