Order for exemption of attempts in NEET

Congratulations guys 🙂 

This will be counted as your first attempt. 

More details to follow soon. The things are not completely clear yet. Still, No need to worry.

P.S. I am unaware of codes to be used while filling forms. However, I am posting the queries as it is, anybody having any idea, can reply to those queries. However, I would request you to get in touch with CBSE. Even some coaching centres have dedicated staff for that matter. 

If anybody can write a post on how to fill the exam form, that would be really helpful. I would post on his/her behalf. If you people have any other thing to share, you can write about that as well.

Happy Studying 🙂

About Rahul Chawla

PG Resident, Internal medicine (M.D.), Vardhman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjang Hospital, New Delhi. Author of Handbook of Biology and Biology @ your fingertips Website: www.pmtgurumantra.in Personal Blog: www.drrahulchawla.com
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